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Specialized Software solutions for histopathology and cytology laboratories.

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Intuitive Design

Reliable Performance

Paperless Collaboration

Intuitive Design

Expert-Crafted for Ease-of-Use: Labex sets itself apart with an exceptionally user-friendly interface, designed and refined by domain experts. Its intuitive nature means that users can navigate and utilize the software effortlessly, without the need for extensive documentation. This simplicity makes complex tasks straightforward, ensuring a smooth, efficient user experience for professionals, regardless of their technical background.

Reliable Performance

Dependable and Secure: The backbone of Labex is its robust and secure data handling system. This ensures that your critical medical data is managed with the utmost integrity and reliability, providing peace of mind in a demanding laboratory environment.

Paperless Collaboration

Transforming Laboratory Workflows: Labex is at the forefront of modernizing laboratory operations. By enabling digital management of instructions, requests, referrals, and reports, it facilitates seamless communication and efficient, eco-friendly processes within your laboratory.



How does it work?


Collect samples

Engage your clients in seamless online collaboration through Labex e-referral. As samples arrive at your facility, their acceptance is straightforward and foolproof: simply scan what you’ve received. And if there’s a quality issue, just log it in Labex.

Your client will be notified immediately, ensuring constant communication and quality control.


Sample Preparation

Once received, your laboratory prepares the samples for examination. Labex assists you by printing labels for cassettes, blocks, and slides, and by integrating with a wide range of histopathological and cytopathological devices.

You’ll have real-time updates on the status of each block or slide, keeping you informed at every step.



Dictate your diagnoses directly into Labex, which provides a unified view of the samples and slides for each report. You’ll benefit from pre-formed report templates, frequently used text snippets, and an integrated spell-checker to streamline your workflow. Once you digitally sign off on a diagnosis, the report is automatically sent to the requester via a secure digital channel, ensuring efficient and confidential communication.

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